a blog post?

Hey, look, a second blog post. This is the furthest I’ve gone with keeping a blog updated. Sweet. I think I’m going to keep this every-other-day schedule for writing.

As days go on and thoughts keep coming, new features of the blog come to fruition. Among the regular posts, a story will soon be published here for fun. We plan for the podcast to feature a section where the story is narrated, too. It’ll be pretty sweet.

Anyway, enough of the blog, I talked all about it in the first post. Yesterday I decided to open up FL Studio and mess around with making beats.

I did not realize just how much fun that would be.

I started off by finding a nice breakbeat from some online record I forget the name of, sampled it, and threw it down as a base. Drum lines made by actual people are the best, in my opinion. The little imperfections and personal touches each drummer has adds liveliness and soul to the beat. This particular break had a nice jumpy jazziness to it. I had downloaded a piano song called Stardust from some time in the early-mid 1900’s that I decided to sample. I listened through it, found a bar that I really like, and synced it up to the drums. The result was nice. It didn’t fit perfectly up with the drums, but it was off in a a way that added to the jazz feel of it, and the two samples sounded pretty nice together. I added an intro, some rain and static, and I had the the base of the beat done. It felt pretty good.

Making beats with samples is one of the funnest things you can do with music in my opinion. The learning curve is very small for doing it with programs like FL Studio, but the skill ceiling is so high. Any dude can throw together a drum beat, made by themselves or sampled, with a bar they really like from some song. It’s easy, it can sound nice, and it feels very rewarding. As you keep practicing it you find little things you can do with your beats, and you start to develop your own style. You find and use different plugins and techniques to edit your samples and next thing you know, the samples are hardly the base of your music. You have an entire unique style and it’s great. Lofi hiphop producers like joji and bsd.u illustrate this well. Their music is far more than just a couple samples smacked together and uploaded.

If anyone here likes music and hasn’t experimented with digital producing, I highly recommend it to you. Buy or get a trial of a program like FL or Ableton, look up some tutorials, and get lost in it. It’s great.

a blog

So, blogs are pretty weird.

I don’t think personal blogs are really a thing anymore. Technology and trends advance pretty quickly, and over the past few years most blogs I’ve kept up with have disappeared.

Or went onto Tumblr. I don’t mess with Tumblr though.

So, here we are. Two attempts at starting to write my own blog engine, one attempt at installing WordPress onto my VPS, and one frustrated move to shared hosting with Softalicious later, and I got this site up. Pretty sweet, if a little bland at the moment. I’ll work on it. I got mixed opinions on the logo, but I’m keeping it, at least for now. I think it’ll fit this site well. The thinking emoji itself is pretty cool: it’s an emoji that is used for and suggests deep thought (which will likely become a prevalent feature of the writing here) , but has also become a meme in a lot of ways. Like my life.

Image result for thinking emoji meme

I’m also probably going to write about anime and games here, so the hair fits. It gives me an excuse to actually watch anime and play more games again. I do need to edit the logo a bit though, as the edges aren’t blurred enough and look sort of jagged. It especially looks bad on bigger screens. I’ll fix that tonight.

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Welcome to the blog! You might be reading this in the future when there’s like 1000 posts out of curiosity, or because you found some dead blog hogging up a domain you wanted. Or, you’re here in the present because I linked you. Regardless, welcome. This is my home in the strange uncharted forests of the internet, and as they say, mi casa es tu casa.

I’m probably going to have some games and my own music stream linked up here, too. I’ve always wanted to record podcasts as well. The blog is only the beginning of the legacy of this website.

So, stay tuned. Bookmark this, maybe. Shoot me a hate email, I don’t mind. Become a part of this weird little website. I’ll write out to you later.